mobiki test installation

I’m a huge fan of mobiki. When do you release the next version?

تنصيب تجريبي لـ mobiki for you, try it out! Login below with:

Username is: "test"
Password is: "test"
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من نحن
mobiki is a small Wiki-engine implemented in PHP. It is optimized for usage with mobile devices, tuned for slim HTTP requests and fast content delivery. It will stay small, understandable and easy to hack - no bells, no whistles - just tin whistles.

Markup - See the text formatting rules provided
License - The legal part

Try it out. Down below press the login button, username and password are: "test". Once you have logged in you can change any page, which is not write protected by me - like this Frontpage.

Try it out by now clicking on Sandbox and then press Edit down below in the footer to change the Sandbox page. Afterwards press save and you are done.

If you ever have a question, please have a look at the FAQ. Have fun with it!